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Our Pastor, Carlos Olivas and his wife Maricela were saved and met while in The Potters House of Espanola, NM, a city known for its lowrider culture and deep-rooted traditions.   After getting married in 1998, they were trained and discipled until 2007, when they were asked to take over and pastor the then-struggling Espanola church. They labored and ministered there, and in 5 years of ministry, were able to see the church grow and mature.  It was in this small town that Pastor Olivas and his wife witnessed a church that was at one time severely damaged, now restored and able to plant churches as they were able to plant a church into one of the neighboring cities.


In January 2012, Pastor Olivas, his wife and 3 of their 4 daughters answered the call to be missionaries into Shanghai, China. They labored in Shanghai for more than 5 years and once again witnessed several miracles and conversions as a new church was birthed in the communist nation of China. Disciples are being made and the Shanghai church continues to be a place where families and lives are changed and the gospel is preached throughout the land.


On June 30th2017, Pastor Olivas and his family arrived in Indio to pastor the Indio congregation after Pastor Frank Amado went on to be with The Lord Jesus on June 24th, 2017 after more than 20 years of service and ministry to the Indio congregation.

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